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What Is Minoxidil?

What Is Minoxidil? Minoxidil is a clinically proven treatment option most often used to treat hair loss. Applied as a topical cream or tablet, it works by stimulating hair regrowth when applied to the scalp, and can be one of … Read more

All Your Genetic Hair Loss Questions Answered

What exactly are the genetic aspects of hair loss, and can it be stopped or at least reduced? With a bit of luck and early intervention, you will definitely see some positive results. However, genetics are powerful, and it can … Read more

Should I Use Minoxidil?

What Is Minoxidil? While treatments that actually work to reverse hair loss are few and far between, Minoxidil stands out as a reliable option that has helped thousands. Minoxidil could be the first step on your journey to a full, thick head … Read more

What is DHT?

DHT (dihydrotestosterone) performs many roles in the body. Primarily it is an androgen that is responsible for creating the features that are typical of makes, such as body hair, muscle mass and a deeper voice. The hormone testosterone is converted … Read more

Do DHT Blockers Work?

What is DHT? Hair loss is often an embarrassing and devastating blow to your self-esteem. It can be a confusing set of changes to your quality of life, and for some appears out of nowhere. However, the main cause of … Read more