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How To Regrow Your Hair

How to regrow your hair If your hair is thinning or balding, you naturally want to know how to regrow hair, or more importantly how to grow more hair. Losing hair is a confronting time, for both men and women. It provokes insecurities, destroys confidence and makes us feel older than we are.

The good news is, it is possible to regrow lost hair, you just have to visit Advanced Hair Studio for a free, no obligation Hair Check and get your scalp and hair checked by one of our hair loss consultants.

How Can You Make Hair Grow?

Advanced Hair Studio has been working on methods for stimulating hair growth for over 45 years. We operate around the world, and we’ve helped over 500,000 people. We’ve learned how to make hair grow through rigorous medical and scientific testing and developed the following methods to regrow lost hair:

ADVANCED Laser Helmet: Our FDA approved, powerful laser technology. The helmet is a biomedically designed laser specifically developed to treat hair loss. The helmet’s proprietary lasers are scientifically developed, high-efficiency lasers that deliver maximum light and power. The penetration depth of these lasers has been optimised at a clinically approved wavelength for proven clinical effectiveness. 80 lasers deliver therapeutic power for maximum scalp coverage and generate only one-degree Celsius of heat per session.

How Do I Know If I Can Regrow Thinning Hair?

At your initial Hair Check, one of our consultants will perform a thorough analysis of your scalp and hair to see if you are a candidate for hair regrowth techniques.

Advanced Laser Therapy has a 95% success rate, meaning our clients have enormous potential to regrow their own hair.

What If I Can’t Regrow My Own Hair?

Some hair loss is so advanced or connected to another condition that hair regrowth techniques won’t work. If this is the case, don’t worry, we have several treatments that can make it look as though you have regrown your hairline or other lost hair naturally.

ADVANCED Hair Thickening Fibres: With the power of keratin, you can achieve thicker hair instantly. The keratin bonds to your hair for a natural and robust hold, meaning you can go about your day without worrying about any thinning or balding spots.

ADVANCED Volumising Keratin Brush: The ADVANCED Volumising Keratin Brush is a revolutionary tool for natural-looking keratin fiber application in seconds. An unbelievable way to temporarily conceal areas where hair is thinning, the Cap+ Volumising Keratin Brush makes it easy for anyone to use keratin fibers as part of their everyday routine

We’ve helped 500,000 people around the world to avoid thinning and balding hair. You can regrow your own hair, and we know how.

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